Everyday Mask Gift Set
Everyday Mask Gift Set

Everyday Mask Gift Set

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This Everyday Sheet Mask Collection is great for, well, everyday use! Each mask will help rehydrate, provide radiance, and calm any redness on your skin. Each mask is formulated with a special key ingredient like Lemon Fruit Extract, Pearl Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, and more to help improve the skin's texture, protect against UV damage, and promote bright, glowing skin. The masks are made out of soft material that easily conforms to the shape of your face, giving you a snug fit and ensuring your skin absorbs all the essence. Our plant-based masks contain natural ingredients and no artificial fragrance, making it the perfect daily mask for all skin types and different skin concerns.

Item Details:

  • Best for all skin types
  • Hydrates, rejuvenates, and soothes
  • Everyday Acai: Rejuvenating mask
  • Everyday Almond: skin strengthening mask
  • Everyday Charcoal: detoxifying mask
  • Everyday Jasmine: moisturizing mask
  • Everyday Lemon: brightening mask
  • Everyday Olive: skin balancing mask
  • Everyday Pearl: brightening mask
  • Everyday Rice Bran: soothing mask


With the number of skincare products out in the market today, discovering what your skin needs can get overwhelming and exhausting. Our philosophy is to create products that are approachable, affordable and functional that we can confidently recommend to our loved ones, especially to our FaceTory family!

Made in South Korea