Here at Rose & Lee we are big on the people behind the products that we carry. We partner with brands committed to empowering women and making the world a better place. Each brand holds a special story behind it, whether they are setting the global standard for ethical production & empowering working conditions or ensuring sustainability initiatives to minimize their environmental impact. A part of our mission is to elevate the stories of the makers and brand owners, so we are excited to dive in and show you exactly what we mean by that. This month we are thrilled to highlight the brand, JOYN. 

JOYN is a member of the fair trade federation and is proud to hand create beautiful bags and other accessories. The founders, Mel and Dave started the organization in a small town called Rajpur, located in India at the base of the Himalayas. It was here that they met women who had suffered from abuse and human trafficking but possessed special artistic talents. Mel and Dave wanted to preserve the timeless art of creating something by hand through spinning, weaving, block printing, etc while also creating employment for makers to share their passion and artistry. 

 “Our vision; to be a different kind of business - a conduit for opportunities in underserved communities, bringing handmade products to people across the world with fairness, equality and justice.”

JOYN is unique in that it is one of the few brands that make products in house, allowing them to have true transparency on how products are made, as well as ensuring a fair living wage and wonderful working environment that includes on-site childcare & daily lunch provisions. JOYN is committed to sharing profits with its team of skilled artisans and they don’t mass produce their products.  This practice of eliminating mass production as well as recycling & reusing as many scraps as possible helps reduce waste and is kinder to the planet than traditional production methods.

Every JOYN product contains a tag attached with a signature of the artisan who created it. Next time you visit us in downtown Apex, be sure to take a look at these beautifully unique bags. 

Below is a look book of JOYN products that we are proud to carry in store.



Shelby Johnson