No outfit is complete without a killer bag, and for a girl on the go, it’s got to be both stylish and sturdy. No one knows this better than Team Rose & Lee. Whether we’re running around NC for pop-up events or catching a flight across state lines for Market, we like to have all the essentials close at hand. There’s no one we trust more to keep our keys, wallets, and sanity in check than Elevate.

Elevate Bags

If you’re an Amber, you’re coasting from meetings to errands to whatever else the day has to offer at a moment’s notice. There’s no time to be rifling through a backpack or wondering which jacket pocket you left your phone in. That’s why Amber recommends the
Nomad Crossbody! Simple, classy, and compact, this is a bag that gives you just the right amount of space for your must-haves, plus a little wiggle room. Keep your hands free with its crossbody strap, or detach the strap to turn it into a chic clutch!

If you’re a Prisca, you’re prepared for anything and everything. Your friends know they can count on you to have that emergency snack, lotion, and hair tie, and you’re never caught in a waiting room without a book to read. For the ultra-prepared, Prisca recommends the Slingback! This is the ultimate catch-all. It’s sturdy enough to withstand the worst of your everyday adventures, and spacious enough to keep all of your just-in-case-something-happens supplies safely tucked away under its zipper. Made of full-grain leather, it’s the kind of bag that only looks better with age.

Of course, we like to look beyond style, and even practicality. It matters to us where our products come from, and Elevate is exactly the kind of brand we love to support. Every purchase of one of these quality bags directly supports an artisan with a fair wage and safe working environment, and invests in sustainable job creation and small businesses. Check out Elevate’s 2021 Impact Report to see real statistics on how they’re doing their part to employ and uplift vulnerable people groups, and browse our collection of Elevate products to help support their mission!
Amber Brennan