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2020 Meltdown Candle - Rose & Lee Co

2020 Meltdown Candle

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Started off fresh...almost too fresh...Then this year had an absolute Meltdown. Globally. 

What does 2020 smell like? It has some....interesting scents. And not just one. Hint, hint, the scent changes after March. Just see for yourself. 

Here's the fun part of this candle. We designed it to live on after you burn it down. Write your message on the label and keep it as a memory capsule.

Item Details: 
  • It's hand-poured by a small business (applaud yourself for this purchase) who has managed to stay in business!
  • It's made from 100% soy so it means you made a healthier choice and it takes away approximately 4 of those other unhealthy choices you made during quarantine.
  • When you're done with the candle (and this year), give it a solid rinse and use it for that green juice you promised you'd drink. Or a container for tears. You chose, but it's reusable. This is why we made it a time capsule.