Cluster Earrings


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These earrings were made with seeds harvested by our artisan partners When you wear our Cluster Earrings, you are wearing a woman's creativity, innovation, and hard work--all of which have helped her to achieve a fair wage, new skills, and educational opportunities.

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  • Drop Earrings


Made in Costa Rica

    Hands Producing Hope creates fair trade & ethically made goods that are empowering disadvantaged women around the world. We believe consumers have the power to make a tangible impact in the world by shopping consciously. We strive to source zero waste, local, and sustainable materials whenever possible.  We work with artisans in Costa Rica + Rwanda as well as refugee & immigrant artisans in the USA. When you shop our goods you are directly impacting the lives of the amazing women in our programs who have overcome intense hardship and are building a better life for their families.