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Dirt Bag Single Use Masks, Morning Sunshine - Rose & Lee Co
Dirt Bag Single Use Masks, Morning Sunshine - Rose & Lee Co

Dirt Bag Single Use Masks, Morning Sunshine

Dirt Bag Beauty
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Powder-based anti-aging face mask. Morning Sunshine promotes cell regeneration using gentle exfoliation, removing toxins and revitalizing stressed and tired skin. It hydrates, cleanses and smooths, leaving your skin brighter, tighter, youthful and radiant.

Ingredients: Egg Whites, Organic Sweet Cream Buttermilk, Cucumber Peel, French Yellow Clay, Watermelon

  • Egg Whites are a natural astringent. They help to firm up skin and smooth out wrinkles, shrink pores, has instant tightening effect on skin.
  • Organic Sweet Cream Buttermilk cleanses, hydrates, softens, enhances tone, tightens and gently exfoliates skin.
  • Cucumber Peel is a skin toner and revitalizes stressed and tired skin, leaving it refreshed and healthy looking.
  • French Yellow Clay is a very mild clay that is good for all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin.
  • Watermelon helps to shrink pores, revive dull skin, and protects the skin from environmental toxins, encouraging a rejuvenated, refreshed look.
Our mission is providing products that are safe for you, our planet, and our animals. As a 100% female owned business, we have taken a pledge to help build awareness of Domestic Violence and sharing our story to help encourage others to seek out help. In addition, a portion of all Dirt Bag proceeds are donated to Domestic Violence shelters in Los Angeles.