Eve Earrings, Light Haitian Horn

Eve Earrings, Light Haitian Horn

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Don't be mislead by the simplicity of Eve... these earrings are expertly carved from cow horn by our Haitian artisans! They are a must have! 

Item Details:

  • 2" horn
  • Color varies due to natural state 
  • Handmade in Haiti
  • Haitian Hand Carved Horn Earrings

    Béljoy is a distinct line of handcrafted jewelry produced in Haiti + the US by local artisans. Béljoy offers men + women in Haiti the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage through the art of jewelry making while teaching business and life skills to local women. By teaching the trade of jewelry making and paying a superior wage, we hope to encourage women and empower them to provide for their families.