Ibis Cosmetic Bag


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Grab our make-up bag for all your essentials. Perfect for your make-up, skincare, or just about anything, this little bag packs a big punch! Hand woven in beautiful colors, this bag may be small, but it sure is mighty! Traveling somewhere? Take this little bag along and know you’ll be getting compliments from friends and strangers alike! It’s the perfect size to pop into a travel bag. We know you’re going to love this little bag and each time you grab it from your tote or purse, a smile will come to your face! These little bags are so beautiful, they bring a ray of sunshine and a little fun to all your bigger bags.

Item Details:

  • Size: 10" x 5" x 4"

Fabric Content:

60% Cotton 40% Polyester 


A & B is exceptionally devoted to both fair trade and sustainable economics and ensures that every garment and bag designed by America and Beyond is eco-conscious, both in material and production. When you purchase a product from A & B, you’re not only buying an eco-friendly piece, you’re directly contributing to the continued support of the talented Indian artisans whose craft is beautifully displayed in each and every stunning A & B bag, garment, and accessory. 

Made under fair working conditions in India