Santalum Roll On - Rose & Lee Co
Santalum Roll On - Rose & Lee Co

Santalum Roll On

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Known to regularly charm passerby's with its captivating musk, Santalum is our carefully mastered take on a sandalwood-centric scent.
Starting with a woodsy base of Australian Sandalwood, we layer on leather and ambrox to establish a uniquely rich and spicy depth. We then weave in subtle notes of cardamom and palo santo for an underlying herbal complexity. The result is a warm and vibrant fragrance rumored to be addictive to its users and admirers alike.
Item Details:
  • 10ml
  • Paraben-Free
  • Hand Mixed To Order
  • Highest Quality Fragrance and Essential Oils

    Scent Notes:
    • TOP - Ambergris, Papyrus, Cedar
    • MIDDLE - Amyris, Clove, Cardamon
    • BASE - Amber Resin, Musk, Sandalwood

      Our goal is to provide you with an aromatic experience that both grounds you and transcends the confines of your daily life. Each candle is designed to be an alluring additive in any room it’s lit, and each personal fragrance an unforgettable accessory.
      Made in the USA