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Vitamasques Sapphire Mask Ethical Boutique Apex
Vitamasques Sapphire Mask Ethical Boutique Apex

Sapphire Sheet Mask

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Dispirited days can sometimes strike when we least expect them to. Whether you’ve had a stressful day or are currently suffering from a low period, the Sapphire Sheet Mask is designed to help by providing serenity through skincare. Infused with a 4 - in - 1 practice of aromatherapy, colour therapy, gemstone therapy and skin therapy ingredients to achieve multi sensory results, this sheet mask is perfect for providing a helping hand on the days when life feels overwhelming, for a noticeably calmer and happier mindset. Sapphire Powder in this mask works to promote mental clarity, improve focus and concentration. Blueberries are also infused into the formulation for their effect on mental health wellbeing and collagen production. Violet flowers are also included to provide a natural source of hydration to the skin.

Item Details:

  • Relaxes the mind
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Rehydrates skin
  • Vegan

    We make clean, cruelty-free k-beauty inspired skincare designed to make you look and feel good. We want your skin to be your best asset, not to be hidden behind makeup, and for you wear your skin and wear it proud. 

    Made in South Korea