Tobacco + Musk Roll On - Rose & Lee Co
Tobacco + Musk Roll On - Rose & Lee Co

Tobacco + Musk Roll On

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Tobac, spice, and everything nice. This indulgent fragrance spotlights the earthy sweetness of freshly-picked tobac leaves, seasoned nicely with spicy notes of amber and pepper.
Wrapped up in a warm base of teakwood and sandalwood and brightened by a touch of grassy vetiver, wearing this scent is to emit a sophisticated concerto of soil-grown splendor.
Item Details:
  • 10ml
  • Paraben-Free
  • Hand Mixed To Order
  • Highest Quality Fragrance and Essential Oils

    Scent Notes:
    • TOP
      • White Pepper
        Star Anise
      • MIDDLE
        • Sandalwood
      • BASE
        • Pipe Tobac
      Our goal is to provide you with an aromatic experience that both grounds you and transcends the confines of your daily life. Each candle is designed to be an alluring additive in any room it’s lit, and each personal fragrance an unforgettable accessory.
      Made in the USA