We wouldn’t be who we are without our beloved co-founder, Prisca. We’re excited for her next chapter (yay, retirement!) but we couldn’t let her leave without reminiscing on the goods times and soaking up all her wisdom. 

Read our interview with Prisca below!

What have you enjoyed the most about Rose & Lee?

I love the whole community we’ve built around Rose & Lee. The community of women here is amazing. I love how women feel comfortable enough to come in the shop and just laugh and tell stories. 

What have you learned about yourself since the beginning of Rose & Lee? 

I didn’t know I was good at dressing people, but I am good at it! And I’ve found I really enjoy putting together looks for people. I never thought I was one of those people who would be good at that, but I am! 

I also love being able to encourage a woman to try something new, and then see how good they look and feel in something I’ve put together. Honestly, so many times women come in and if they take a chance and try something new they are pleasantly surprised. I like the fact that a lot of the women have felt comfortable enough to be willing to try on whatever I ask them to try on! And they always look amazing.

What have you learned about women since the beginning of Rose & Lee? 

I’ve learned how important it is for us to have the support of other women around us, kind of like a sisterhood. We are all a little hard on ourselves, including me. But, we do better when we’re supported, loved, encouraged by other women. 

What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who are just starting out? 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, or criticism too seriously. Lather yourself up in all the positive wishes/hopes/vibes from those around you that love you. Oh, and trust your gut. A lot of things Amber and I have done we think “let’s just do it.” Sometimes you can’t think too much, you have to just do it. 

What are you most excited for in retirement?

I’m excited to be able to travel again and learn some new things. We’re going to Canada, so I’m excited to get to a cooler climate! I also can’t wait to go to Israel, Southeast Asia, and Spain soon. And, I really want to learn guitar, so I am planning on working on that.

Because we know we are going to get asked a lot-when will you be back in the shop?

Anytime I’m needed! I love this place, this place and the people here will always have my heart. I will always be stopping by and I am happy to come shop with anyone!



Amber Brennan