Once a year, as a society, we dedicate a day to celebrate the wonderful women who brought us into this world or helped raise us to the people that we’ve become. The term Mother doesn’t always have to be connected to blood either. Whoever you chose to be that motherly figure in your life, an aunt, grandmother, adoptive parent, or even your father, can be celebrated!

A way to show that appreciation can be done through quality time, homemade cards, or even a present catered to their interests. If you are opting for a gift, here at Rose and Lee we have a large selection of thoughtful gifts to choose from. Things like spa essentials, cocktail mixers, cute and funny candles, and much more! To add more special meaning, most of our gift items and jewelry are made by women who are overcoming extraordinary circumstances all across the world—many who are mother’s themselves.

Below we’ve constructed up a few sustainable and ethical gift box ideas to help make shopping for mothers day easy.


Gift Box 1


Gift Box 2


Gift Box 3


We wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day, and appreciate all that you’ve done!

Shelby Johnson