Amber and Prisca of Rose & Lee Co.


We created Rose & Lee Collective with you in mind. 

You, the woman who is balancing so many things you no longer have time to blow dry your hair.  

You, the woman who pours so much of your time and energy into others, you often forget about yourself. 

You, who may be hustling beside the soccer field or in a boardroom or maybe even both (we women really are pretty incredible, aren’t we?!). 

At Rose & Lee we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between doing good and looking and feeling your best. That’s why we’re offering you Style With A Story. All of our products are designed to be comfortable and fashionable so you can look — and feel — your best, while having a positive impact.

The story of Rose & Lee Co. begins with Amber Rose and Prisca Lee.  

Amber has been an entrepreneur at heart since the ripe age of 8 when she’d spend hours of her day planning carnivals for her younger siblings (always aptly timed on family allowance day, of course). In addition to her market savvy, Amber has always had a heart for leadership and service of others, feeling most alive when she’s connecting people and helping others realize their potential and dreams. When she’s not caught up thinking of her next entrepreneurial move, Amber loves exploring new places around Raleigh, NC and being outdoors hiking, biking, or on the water.  

Prisca is someone who loves to take risks and jumps in with both feet, like moving to NYC as a 19 year old with a dream and a suitcase. She and her husband are empty nesters, parents to two awesome boys. More and more she thinks of the world we live in and the importance of making a difference, however large, by making environmentally and socially conscious decisions. Prisca is also a bookworm and is always up for your recommendations!

These two women from different backgrounds, at different stages of their lives had one thing in common: a desire to amplify the stories of others. Having met through their work helping at-risk girls in the area, they knew they wanted to make a difference in the world not by flying to the ends of the earth, but by building a community of change right here in North Carolina. In November of 2019 they set up shop in an old house in Downtown Apex and began curating ethically crafted goods that, like Amber and Prisca, each had their own unique story to tell. Since then, we at Rose & Lee Co. have been dedicated to bringing you incredible brands, each with their own mission of change and empowerment, from sustainability to human rights.  

We believe it’s when we become a part of each other's stories that true change happens, so we want your help in writing a new that restores power and creates transformation for women locally and around our world. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for day-to-day updates on how we’re fulfilling our mission. We can’t wait to see you at Rose & Lee!


Amber Rose & Prisca Lee


Prisca D'Rozario & Amber Brennan of Rose & Lee Co.