If you are like me then you love to accessorize any chance you get despite what season it may be. I thrive in the summer and love to go swimming at the pool, take beach trips, and even long walks despite the North Carolina heat. The downside to all of this extra activity is I have to be careful on the type of jewelry that I wear and when I wear it. Any moisture can affect jewelry overtime if it’s not waterproof. 

Now what makes a piece of jewelry waterproof? If it’s stated as gold filled then you’re in luck, it’s waterproof! The brand Heir is one of our favorites at Rose and Lee because all of the necklaces and earrings are 14k gold filled. The jewelry can be worn swimming in the ocean, withstand sweat from working out, and even the humidity in the air! 


The founder and creator of Heir, Sophie Wiseman-Floyd, wanted to create affordable jewelry that wouldn’t tarnish or turn your skin green after a few weeks of wear. She is based in Raleigh too!


Be careful though about jewelry that’s listed as plated in gold. The difference is that overtime, especially if it’s not being properly taken care of, the gold will wear away and eventually tarnish or corrode. If the piece of jewelry gets wet once in a while it won’t hurt it; however, it will start the process of wearing the shine away. It’s not waterproof!


Below is a look book with links attached to a handful of jewelry that is gold filled. We carry rings from Rose Gypsy that are waterproof too. You can even hop on over to our website and type in the search bar, 14k gold filled, to look at all that we offer!


Shelby Johnson