Fresh Herbs Swedish Cloth


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Our wonderful Swedish super absorbent cloths far outperform regular cotton rags, paper towels and sponges because they are so light and absorbent. When moistened, they soak up any mess and leave a squeaky clean surface behind. They are so versatile! Wash dishes, wipe your counters, polish chrome, dust and even shine your mirrors with these cloths and you will never want to go back to using cotton rags, paper towels and sponges.

Item Details:

  • 6.8" l x 8" w
  • Superabsorbent
  • Blend of high grade cotton and wood pulp

Made in Sweden

Our Wet-its are like a reusable paper towel that far outperforms any sponges, paper towels or microfiber cloths because they are efficient, reusable, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and stylish!