Grapefruit Honey Cocktail Mixer


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Bright, floral, and balanced with fresh citrus juice, organic honey, and tart hibiscus.

Item Details:

  • Grapefruit honey
  • 16 oz
  • Non-GMO


Made in the USA

    We wanted to create something tangible, tasty, well packaged, and useful. We found it in the simplicity and sweetness of ginger syrup. What started as a simple concept to share good food became the foundation for Morris Kitchen. Over time, the brand has expanded. The real gem is how these products shine in cocktails. With a quick pour, shake of the glass and topping of rum, a frothy and tropical mixture speckled with sea salt appears. Our mixers are made with high-quality, all natural ingredients which means well-crafted, balanced cocktails. We'll drink to that.